My blog

Hello people. How is it all going? My name is Naoki Imaya. I just started a blog or a diary, whatever you like to call it. My home page is but its under construction at the moment, and yes, i think it is in japanese :p im gonna try and fix that though, so you can read it in english as well.
Little bit about myself, i was born in Japan and came to sydney at 10yrs old due to my dad's work and also to pursue my parents dream to live in an english speaking country. Im a professional footballer, or a soccer player as you may like to call it in other countries. Ive played in Australia and Switzerland, and right now i'm injured with a broken leg.
I am off to New Zealand for the new elite football comp, that commences this year in Australia called A-league. The league consists of 7 teams from AUS and 1 from NZ and that team is New Zealand Knights. Ive signed for 1 season with them and hoping to recover from this injury early as possible to get back on the park.
well, thats my intro, i will wirte again. take it easy