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  毎週土曜の朝 10時半~12時 adidas futsal park 渋谷 大人対象クラスは         naoki@bluetag.jpまで。


Hi Naoki. I'm an Aussie living with my Japanese wife and two childen in Odawara, Kanagawa. My son is five and joined a nearby club called Ashigara FC. It is very good but I am interested in your English school. Can you please give me more information about it in English. Thank you.

投稿者 Scott  : (2009年04月15日 22:09)

Hi Scott,
Thanks for the comment, and it's so great to hear from an Aussie living in Japan!!
I have sent you an information regarding my school in English and hopefully we would be able to have a summer camp where the kids from different nations can get together to play football for few days.

投稿者 Nao  : (2009年04月16日 00:17)

Hi Naoki,
I have just read your interview on the FourFourTwo website - I think the approach that you are taking with your football school is commendable. There are a million academies out there teaching kids technique and how to be a great player, but not many that teach them to be great human beings at the same time.

I recently wrote an article on my blog ( touching on the problems with modern football - where kids grow up believing they will be superstars only to be left in the lurch by 'the system'. It's great to see you taking a different approach in your academy.

Keep up the good work mate,


投稿者 Bill Skinner  : (2009年04月16日 09:08)


Thanks for your comment.
You are 100% right. Not all kids can be Cristiano Ronaldo or Messi.

The school is still in the early days, so it has been tough but I will keep on moving forward!

投稿者 Nao  : (2009年04月16日 13:30)