Come to Shibuya for a kick around!!

Every Saturday at Adidas Futsal Park Shibuya, which is 30 seconds walk from th JR Shibuya station, I take an adult class for 90min. For all of you that are living in Tokyo and wants to go for a kick in the heart of Tokyo, I have exactly what you are looking for.

Basically what we do is warm up and do some drills and then play games for 45min or so.
We start at 10.30am and finish at noon.
If there are month with a 5th Saturday, we don't play on that 5th Saturday.

It is on the roof of the Tokyu department store.

See you there!!

  毎週土曜の朝 10時半~12時 adidas futsal park 渋谷 大人対象クラスは         naoki@bluetag.jpまで。