Football (soccer) tour to Japan. Futboltec from Australia

The first ever Japan tour organised ended in success.
Futboltec finished 12th out of 24 teams.
Great effort by the boys considering majority of the players are still U11s.

울산현대축구단 - Ulsan Hyundai Football Club deservedly took out the cup beating Forte FC from Osaka in a thrilling final with end to end stuff which was hard to believe it was an U12 game.

The boys got to be the escort kids at the J2 game between Cerezo Osaka & Ehime FC!!!

The tour organised to Japan for the Futboltec boys.

13 games all up in a week!!

Friendly games

Game 1 vs Iris Sumiyoshi 0-3
Game 2 vs Osaka City Jeunesse 1-6
Game 3 vs Rip Ace 5-1
Game 4 vs GAMBA OSAKA 0-4
Game 5 vs セレッソ大阪 1-0
Game 6 vs 울산현대축구단 - Ulsan Hyundai Football Club 0-1

Yanmar Cup

Game 7 vs Avanti 4-0
Game 8 vs Takatsuki Minami 0-1
Game 9 vs Ohsumi 4-0
Game 10 vs Belcedor 13-0
Game 11 vs Forte 0-9
Game 12 vs FC Twins 1-2
Game 13 vs Cerezo Osaka School Select 1-6

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藤縄さんと J GREEN SAKAI の皆さんのおもてなしのお陰で素敵な1週間となりました。