Q: 今矢コーチが小学生の時、オーストラリアでどんな練習やトレーニングをしていましたか?


A: 4つ上の兄がいたので1対1の勝負をよくしていましたが、それはオーストラリアに行ってからもよくしていましたね。




5th question from FC TOC players.

Q: When you were in primary school, and in Australia what kind of trainings did you do??

A: I was lucky enough to have a brother 4 years older than me to have a training partner and play 1 on 1 or practice shooting and crossing together.

That didn’t change much when we moved to Australia and I was again fortunate enough to play with more physically stronger players when training with my brother’s friends.

Whatever I did though, I sure “kept score” and made it competitive.