still can't walk

Not that i was going for them, but Man Utd shud've won the FA cup. Arsenal played well at the start and then it was all Man U. Disappointing game for me as Fabregas, my 2nd favourite player at the moment (after Ronaldinho) didnt have a good game. How good is that bloke? 17? gotta be feke passport!
Anyways NZ knights said to have signed 18 players already..... but havent been announced yet.
hmmmmmm, theres few players still available at blacktown. and ex blacktown player simon catanzaro is looking for an A-league club. if u sign catta, we'll just hit cross bars all day! ( sorry, personal joke)
Champions league, later tonight..... hey joel, u shud've put money on liverpool like you said when they were paying $26! rather than spending money on a horse. aaaaaaaand i have a feeling they might just win. But my feeling is usually wrong, just like when im playing the pokies.
Im offski for now, but i will try and keep the English journals coming as much as possible.