yea, still on crutches

Liverpool aye. Gerrard, what a 2nd half! captain at 24? you gotta be kidding. I got goose bumps when Liverpool made it 2-3. Milan must have thought they would still hold on... Big was like us few weeks ago when we were winning 4-2 with 20min to go and ended up losing 4-5!
If you havent got Japanese language stored in your computer, all the jap journals i wrote must be all like boxes. if you click the Hi category on the right hand side, it will go to a page where it only has English journals.
Im heading to NZ next month, and cant wait to get back on the park. its still few months away but im sure ill still go for few nutties in cheva.
special mention to adam kwasnik. he scored in hong kong sevens for the mariners. kwas got injured during the same game when i broke my leg, and was set to miss out around 6 weeks. hes come back earlier and sounds like hes doing well. maybe a little biassed opinion, but hes good enough to be one of the best striker in the A-league. just stay away from the pokies man...