Inaugural A-league season

Looking back at this season, it was definetly not the ideal one for myself.
Obviously started the season with recovering from a broken leg, which took me to the 5th round to play my 1st game for the knights.
Then im finishing the season off with another lengthy injury i suffered 3 weeks ago when i was just starting to play well.
But i have learned a great deal over this season and im hoping to do better in the upcoming season.

People talk about luck, i believe luck comes to people who always put the extra effort in.
Whether you are in the team or not, you have to work hard. i mean especially if you are out of the team, you should really be working extra harder.Easy to say because it does kill you mentally but you gotta do it.
You start to go wrong when you start thinking, yea but im better than that guy whos playing in front of me. Well you're ovbiously not, at least in the coach's eye.
To be perfectly honest, i was devastated when i was watching the games from the sideline for few weeks in a row, and i always use to think for the player that is playing in front of me to stuff up, so i can play.
Its normal to think like that i think... but its wrong isnt it? Then i start to think different. i was more like, i hope the other players do well too, and when i get my chance and come on to the field, i just have to do better than them. then its fair(at least in my mind),

Mind can change your attitude which can change the environment. You always have excuses when you're not putting your 100% effort in.

Someone came up to me the other day and said, it must've been tough this year with injury and your team not doing well. and i was like, compare to what i went through in europe, it was absolutely nothing. Nothing is a waste in life, you can always learn and grow from every single day you face.

The knights have asked me to extend my contract. i hope this year is the year for me to go and play for real madrid! nah just kidding.
On a serious note, my ex-team mate Joel Griffiths signed a 18months contract with leeds. Definetly deserves it, congratulations. i just hope neuchatel xamax would hurry up and give him his clearance so he can start playing for leeds!

Anyway thats me, take it easy and have a good day!


Hi, found your blog
I completely agree with what you said about luck comes from hard effort. Nth is a waste in life~ you DO learn sth new everyday!

I think it's not wrong to think what you think but in a team I think the most important thing is to support your team members~ but of coz you're never know if they're thinking the same thing about you! Lol~ Team work's quite hard I reckon~ but I think giving all your best is enough! Seriously, don't really need to force yourself too much!

Well~ over all this is a really nice blog~! Good luck with everything in life! And have a nice day!

投稿者 Edy  : (2006年02月03日 19:18)

Edy, thanks very much for the comment.
Yea, you're right, you have to support your team members.
all the best in your life too!

投稿者 nao  : (2006年02月04日 07:32)